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Blogging Tips for Beginners: May your patience be the beacon of your will.

Blogging and patience are inextricably linked. Let’s say you have an article written by someone, you may or may not have written it yourself, but you have to check the article’s plagiarism, keyword research it, determine its focus keyword, then format the article properly and then attach copyright free images to it, as well as its meta. , placement like sub-keyword determination and keyword density matching. You can do all these things through a theory or step. That doesn’t mean all your subjects will output as you intended. By doing these you can expect that you will get a good result in Google search for your chosen topic.

But after a few days you find that you are not getting the results you actually wanted.

Now you asked yourself, I followed all the rules and did the on-page SEO, why I didn’t get the expected result? Why is my article not ranked in Google?

Here’s the real thing:

When you only follow the rules, and stay away from experiments, you will not get the desired results.

Please note your output by using this way, you are not harmed, be patient, as mentioned earlier, blogging means patience, and you should make some changes in your articles. Those custom changes are your secret roles that no one could explain to you, or no one told you their secret.

So you’ve got some custom rules as a result of your patience which you can apply to get more positive results in your output than before.

It’s not that I started blogging today, started the course tomorrow, wrote the article the day after that, published the article the next day, I followed all the rules and did everything, then the result is zero, what did I get? Now you think that all are negatives and bogus.

Not that, you are far from just patience and love of blogging.

First prove your passion for blogging, be patient, and learn something new, move on.

Remember these things:

  • Perseverance during times of delay
  • Forbearance during strenuous times
  • Tolerance when provoked, or
  • Endurance when undergoing negativity

I am Arman, blogging for more than 7 years, blogging is my passion. From now on I will try to give various tips on blogging from time to time.

You can connect with me.

Happy blogging

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